Studio Updates
Progression of "Blue North Wharf"
October 8, 2012
Before and After
July 25, 2012
Before and After
July 23, 2012
wedding gifts
July 10, 2012
I get a lot of commissions for wedding presents...this is a recent one from a wedding in Sconset last summer ... they had these elephant cool? Read more
On the easel...
June 20, 2012
First floral paintings in a while.... the first is for sale (oil on panel, 8x8) and the second is a donation for a Nantucket Arts Council benefit next week.... what do you think? Read more
On the easel: Is this finished?
June 11, 2012
On the easel...
May 29, 2012
Making some new paintings down in the Tobias Gallery on South Wharf before we open for the season... ...and can't complain about the view.  Ready to get some work done.  Later, Figawi. Read more
May 17, 2012
farewell to you old southern skies... Read more